My Story

In January 2009 I was working a night shift at a local hospital on a Geri-Psyc unit.  By 10 pm everyone was in bed and all my paperwork was done.  Now what was I to do for the next nine hours?  I found a stack of magazines and right on top was a Scentsy catalog.  I flipped through the catalog once and was intrigued.  It only took minutes to find the warmer I could not live without.  Now the scents were another story.  I spent over an hour reading the descriptions of the different scents.  Eighty different scents how to choose from, how do I pick just six.  When the house supervisor came to check on the unit she saw that I had started my Scentsy wish list.  She proceeded to tell me more about Scentsy and I was hooked.  By morning I had picked out my scents and placed an order from her book party.  Three weeks later I received my order and fell in love.  Every day for almost a month I looked at the catalog and at least once a week I was on Kenda’s website looking at the “Join” page.   In early March I received my income tax return the two things I wanted were a toaster oven and a Scentsy starter kit, I got both.  I started out selling Scentsy because I loved the product and to get free stuff.  Within 6 months I was making my car payment.  Now almost five years later I am still in love with Scentsy.  Being an independent consultant has been an amazing blessing in my life and enabled me to help others.  Every year I do six fundraisers for Children’s Miracle Network.  Plus, I do fundraisers for local charities and private groups in my area.  I have met wonderful people and have made new friends by sharing my Scnetsy business.  I can’t wait to share my love of Scentsy with you.